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The independent Elementary School of Art in Dubravka

The independent Elementary School of Art in Dúbravka came into being on 25 August 1986. Its history dates back to 1 February 1969, when the Elementary School of Art in Devínska Nová Ves was founded. The school had to undergo several changes due to teaching in various locations and finally became independent. In June 1994, the Elementary School of Art was named after a great Slovak composer, Eugen Suchoň.


The school broadened its activities gradually and nowadays the education includes all the fields of art – music classes, literary and drama classes, dancing and fine art classes. Everybody can participate - the pre–school children, elementary-secondary- and high school students, adults as well as disabled people and socially deprived children.

The students and teachers present the fruits of their activities on various occasions organised at school as well as somewhere else. Every year the students engage in competitions and their success and awards motivate them to move forward.

The educational concerts for small children, the performances of small children, their siblings, families, graduates and many other theme-concerts accompanied by introductory words of a professional tutor present a part of many interesting school activities. The exchange concerts jointly organised with other schools in Slovakia as well abroad are also an inspiring and meaningful part of our school life. Since 2005, the school is involved in an international project INTERREG IIIA which supports the cooperation of the Schools of Art from Bratislava and Austria. Teachers have a considerable share in the successful results of our students. Selflessly and dedicated, they devote their time to children and thus contribute to a proper development of their personalities.

Musical education – a field of study that traditionally has enjoyed the biggest interest. Students can learn to play the piano, keyboard, violin, violoncello, contrabass, guitar, harp, flute, accordion, percussion and they can study singing as well. Within the classes they form chamber orchestras and ensembles or sing in choirs. Apart from gaining skills in their field of study they also learn to work systematically and gain a sense of responsibility.

Literary – drama education plays an important role in the all-round development of the children’s personality, foremost by means of drama play which represents one of the essential activities of children. Children learn to love Slovak, their mother tongue, to orientate themselves in literature and dramatic art.

Dance education – folk, classical as well as modern dance. Public presentation of the children’s are often being interrupted by spontaneous applause from the audience. Children learn to become persevering and hard-working, but thanks to common interests and goals also gain many friends.

Fine art education – its aim is to cultivate the fine art creativity by means of combining the emotional and intellectual educational elements. Based on an individual approach to every student, the fine art field of study helps pupils to master the basic fine art techniques, such as drawing, painting, graphic art, modelling and pottery. This field of study does not only focus on talented children, it also enables to trigger a spontaneous interest of every student to express himself through fine art. The works of the students are presented at many exhibitions.                        

Kontakt: Mgr. Soňa Radulová
Vytvorené / Posledná aktualizácia: 9.8.2007 / 9.8.2007


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